Luxury River Cruise along the Brahmaputra: An Awe-Inspiring Cruise You’ll Never Forget

Among all the rivers in India, only Brahmaputra River holds the masculine gender and flows through the north eastern part of India. There is a famous saying that goes about this male river – ‘If you cross the Brahmaputra one time, you are destined to return’. The holy river, which often tells the glorifying tales of sacrifices by the countrymen, is also referred to as the Old Man River.

Every year, the native people come to the mighty river banks to wash their sins away. Apart from this, people often travel to this destination to get on the luxury cruise that travels through the water for approximately 3-7 days. During this river cruising trip, you will get to view the spectacular landscapes, which surround the mighty river but are often unknown to the people due to its mystical nature.

Places to Visit When in the River Cruise along the Brahmaputra River

Kaziranga National Park

Most of the river cruises start their journey from the famous UNESCO world heritage site – the iconic Kaziranga National Park, which is famous for jeep safaris and elephant safaris to travel through the wildlife sanctuary. Rhinos, elephants, deer, otters, and the majestic tigers are obviously the main point of attraction for those who are visiting this area.

Legendary Island of Majuli
Standing tall in between the middle of the famous mighty river is the proud island of Majuli where the amalgamation of Hindu and Assamese culture is whole heartedly followed since the medieval times. When you reach the village, you might be more than happy to meet the village people and the enlightened monks who are present to enlighten us with immense life lessons, which will help us in the long run. The inhabitants of the island also take great pleasure in propagating all the preaching, art, dance, music, and culture to the tourists visiting their mystical island.
The Pious Kamakhya Temple
While travelling upstream, you may be lucky enough to visit the famous Kamakhya Temple, which is one of the 52 shakti peethas existent in the entire country. A visit to this place will definitely make you believe in the power of almighty, especially Goddess Durga whose divine presence can be felt in the temple area.
Historical Ruins and Monuments
The luxury cruise further lets you visit some historical ruins and monuments present in the area surrounding the river and all of them beautifully display the rich heritage of the people of Assam.
Mesmerizing Tea Plantations
Lastly, this luxury cruise also takes the tourists to the tea plantation area where the guests can learn about the various stages of tea production, which ultimately helps us drink a cup of tea every morning.
Cruising along the river not only exhibits luxury but also teaches us a lot more about the glorious history and the tradition of the northeastern states of India.

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